Another combined athletic program has formed in North Pacific County.

South Bend and Raymond School Districts have combined to launch the RSB Ravens girls’ basketball team as the newest addition to the RSB Ravens programs.

South Bend Superintendent Jon Tienhaara notes that that the combine is rooted in a shared commitment to student opportunity and inclusivity, ensuring that every high school girl has the chance to participate in basketball, regardless of the number of players each school can field independently. 

Tienhaara says that initial discussions to merge the teams began over the summer, however the Raymond school board withdrew from the initial agreement before approaching South Bend this month following low student turnout.

Both districts have reportedly expedited preparations to facilitate the new girls team and joint practices will be conducted at both South Bend and Raymond facilities. 

Tienhaara adds that the coaching staff will be a mix between the schools and the district Athletic Directors are working on program logistics.

“We recognize the less-than-ideal nature of the timing of this change and are grateful for the community’s adaptability and support. Ensuring the student experience remains the focal point of these efforts is a priority,” says South Bend superintendent Jon Tienhaara.  “The Raymond school administration and superintendent K.C. Johnson have been great to work with and have been working hard to make the transition as best as possible.” “As the season unfolds, we anticipate the community’s continued support for the RSB Ravens and the deepening of the ties and teamwork our shared athletic programs have cultivated between our two schools and student bodies.”  “Our decisions are always with the best interests all students in mind.  We have a lot of hope the girls from both schools will have a good experience and successful season,” Tienhaara concludes.

New uniforms representing the RSB Ravens are on order, although players will alternate between South Bend and Raymond uniforms until they arrive.

A revised game schedule has yet to be released.