2020 brings name changes at figure 8 racing to Grays Harbor Raceway

A number of changes are coming to Grays Harbor Raceway in 2020.

In a release from the local raceway, they say that name changes and a change in the track are coming when the 2020 season opens on April 11.

In their statement, they say that 2020 will bring new names to a few familiar classes as the Street Stock class will now be called Super Stocks. This change is said to better represent what the class has become. 

“With the name change, the Super Stock class will not have any major rule changes for the 2020 season in the engine and chassis, although the class will see a format change with the introduction of a full invert in the main events. This will be a random chance with the pull of a chip or the roll of a dice. This option will be in addition to the options that have been in place. The class will also see the winner of the main event, automatically going to the rear of the next main event they are present at. In addition, the second place car of the same main event will join them at the back of the field of the next main event they are present at.”

The Outlaw Tuner class will also see a name change for 2020, reverting back to their former name of Hornets. The engine and chassis rules will also remain the same for 2020, although Hornets will see a format change in their main event line up with a full invert option added to the current format options.

Along with the name changes, 2020 will see the addition of a new Limited Sprint class to Grays Harbor Raceway. 

“These Limited Sprints will be running a Unified Limited Sprint rules package to allow for classes around the Pacific Northwest, to be able to compete at Grays Harbor Raceway that run with a similar set of class rules. The engine package will also introduce a Chevrolet Crate engine option along with a cast iron engine package. The goal of the Crate engine is to allow for an economical engine option and to eventually have a Crate engine class only in the future, as an additional class.”

Grays Harbor Raceway will also re-introduce Figure 8 racing back to the facility. The date for that racing has yet to be announced.

The raceway has also announced a tentative 2020 schedule, available at http://www.graysharborraceway.com/schedule/